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 +====== Generate link ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +If you like, you can easily help other users of the UU Locator to add you to their buddylists in a very comfortable way. For doing this, you can place special links in websites, forums or
 +places alike. This link only has to be clicked on by interested users. (Read the details about how this works in the topic "​[[en:​tiana:​userdoc:​friend_add]]"​. The built in link generator of the UU Locator helps you generate such a link that you only have to copy to the appropriate place.
 +===== Generating a link =====
 +In the menu "?"​ click on the entry "​Generate Link" or press the key combination "​CTRL+L"​.
 +In the window that appears, you now must fill in some information. First choose the shard on which the avatar resides that you want to create a link for; in the second field enter the according KI-number. The third field is optional. You can enter here a name which then will be proposed to the user for his buddylist entry. You are not forced to enter the name of your avatar here.
 +Finally, please choose which syntax the link should be created for. Choose HTML, if you plan to place the link into a HTML website (the created syntax is valable with all HTML and XHTML versions) or choose BB-code, if you plan to place the link into a forum that supports BB-codes (this syntax is meanwhile almost standard for webforums). Now click on "​Generate"​ to create
 +the link. The created link then is shown in the last field. You now can copy it from here by either using the "​Ctrl-C"​ key combination or by the entry "​Copy"​ from the contextmenu and then insert it at the location you wish to.
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