Type 0x4: Options file

All settings the user selects in the options menu are stored in a file called „options.m4o“ located inside the save game folder after the game is closed. There is no complex variable name and value system like in the savegame files. All numerical values are just stored next to each other in a specific order. As every value is present at the very start, the file size never changes.

For all options available in the options menu the correspondig values could be identified. That leaves some bytes with a static value that cannot be changed via the options menu. Changing these manually seems to have no effect on the game. So the meaning of these bytes are unknown.

Please note that this seems to be the only file, where the internal file type is stored as INT+8 rather than an INT+32 for reasons unknown.

File Format Description

File Structure

  • Format Type: Data
  • Endian Order: Little Endian
  • File Extension: .m4o
CHAR8 0x8 Identifier „ubi/b0-l“
INT+8 0x1 Internal file type 0x4
Cursor Options
FLOAT32 0x1 Cursor speed 0.00009(0) to 0.003(100); 0.0018(58)
FLOAT32 0x1 Camera speed 0.1(0) to 2.0(100); 0.5(21)
FLOAT32 0x1 Cursor transparency 0.25(0) to 1.0(100); 0.85(80)
INT+32 0x1 Right or left handed cursor 0x0 = right handed, 0x1 = left handed
INT+32 0x1 Cursor color 0x0 to 0x8
Audio Options
FLOAT32 0x1 Overall volume -96.0(0%) to 0.0(100%), most likley dB value
FLOAT32 0x1 Music volume -96.0(0%) to 0.0(100%), most likley dB value
FLOAT32 0x1 Music frequency 0.1(10%) to 1.0(100%)
INT+8 0x1 Toggle music and SFX sounds 0x0 = off, 0x1 = on
INT+8 0x1 Toggle music 0x0 = off, 0x1 = on
Game Options
INT+8 0x1 Toggle zip mode 0x0 = off, 0x1 = on
INT+8 0x1 Toggle subtitles 0x0 = off, 0x1 = on
Graphic Options
INT+8 0x1 Toggle depth of field effect 0x0 = off, 0x1 = on
INT+8 0x1 Toggle water effect 0x0 = off, 0x1 = on
INT+8 0x1 unknown 0x1
INT+32 0x1 Game resolution 0x0 = 640×400, 0x1 = 800×600, 0x2 = 1024×768
INT+32 0x1 Toggle special immersive effects 0x1 = off, 0x3 = on
INT+32 0x1 unknown 0x3
FLOAT32 0x1 Gamma correction 0.5 to 2.0; 1.0
FLOAT32 0x1 Contrast 0.4(0%) to 1.6(100%); 1.0(50%)
FLOAT32 0x1 Brightness -0.3(0%) to 0.3(100%); 0.0(50%)
INT+8 0x1 unknown 0x1
INT+8 0x1 unknwon 0x1
INT+32 0x1 unknwon 0x0
INT+32 0x1 unknwon 0x0
INT+32 0x1 Checksum Sum32
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