Paths to the Uru installations

Here you can set the paths to your Uru installs. Due to the setup assistant this is only needed when there are several installs of Uru parallel on your system. Put the path of the versions you have installed manually into the belonging textbox or use the Windows file selector by clicking on the symbol.

Uru - Ages Beyond Myst

Insert here the path to an offline version of Uru. It doesen't matter if this is a pure „Uru - Ages Beyond Myst“ version, if you already installed patches or if it is an install of the „Complete Chronicles“ version.

Untìl Uru (Plasma)

This is the place to insert the path to an Uru version you transformed with the UU patch to an Untìl Uru online version. Be very careful to enter here only a path to a valid Untìl Uru version, because you might damage a Plasma shard by using a faulty version.

H'uru (Alcugs)

This is the place to enter the path to an Uru version you modified for the use with the unofficial Alcugs-shards.

Other Settings

Remember the last opened Tab

If you activate this setting, the program will start by showing the tab you opened last. This setting is overridden by a startup parameter telling the ME Toolkit to start with a preset tab. This is the case eg. when you start the ME Toolkit using one of the links in the game directories, which you can have created automatically during the install.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)

:?: Will I have to fill out all fields?
:!: Of course you only have to supply informations for Uru versions you really have installed. If you only have the offline game installed, you would only have to supply this information or better, this would have already been done for you by the Setup assistant.

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