Change language in Uru


By default Uru is installed with support for English, German and French on your system. After the install there is no builtin posibillity to change the language. The Myst Explorer's Toolkit now adds a comfortable way to do this. Furthermore you can here activate or deactivate the UserKI.



Here you can choose in which language you want to play Uru. A change of the setting only takes effect after you started Uru using the ME Toolkit. Take note, that this setting affects all installed versions of Uru on your system.

User-KI Settings

A time ago an inofficial enhancement of the KI functions for Untìl Uru jas been developed. If you installed this so called User KI into your Untìl Uru version, this setting gives you the ability to activate or deactivate the User KI. This can be necessary as the use of the UserKI isn't allowed on all shards. A change of the setting only takes effect after you started Uru using the ME Toolkit. Take note, that this setting only affects your Untìl Uru install.

To start Uru / Untìl Uru / H'Uru

Using this buttons let you start Uru directly over the ME Toolkit using the settings you made earlier. The buttons only get choosable when you configured the paths to your Uru installs in a correct way. Details you find in the topic „Configuration“.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

:?: Why the tab „Uru (Language)“ don't show up for me?
:!: This tab only shows up, when the ME Toolkit finds a valid Uru install on your system. If you have installed Uru but the tab doesen't show, some entries in the registry might have been deleted. This happens sometimes by a reinstall, by restoring from an incomplete backup or is done by some regystry cleaning applications. The ME Toolkit has a routine built in to fix this that can be called by using the commandline parameter "/restoreuru". Another way to fix the problem ist to reinstall Uru (don't forget to backup your saved games).

:?: Why the is the activation field for the User-Ki not active, even as I'm sure I do have it installed?
:!: The ME Toolkit only looks inside your Untìl Uru install for the User-KI. This means, that you must have installed the User-KI there and of course that you have set the path to your Untìl Uru install during the Configuration. Take note, that the presence of the User-KI is only checked at the startup of the ME Toolkit what means you might have to restart the ME Toolkit to see a change.

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