Change language in Myst IV


Hence the Myst IV DVD's contain the language packs for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch only one of them can be choosen and gets installed during the installation of the program. The Myst Explorer's Toolkit now can as well install the additional language packs and after this change the language thats used in the game.



Here you can choose which language you'd like to play Myst IV in. This settings only gets effect when you start Myst IV using the ME Toolkit after a change of the language. Take also note, that you can only choose languages that you additionally installed by using the ME Toolkit.

Install languages

By clicking this button you can either add or remove additional language packs to your Myst IV install. You will see a dialog showing you all language packs that are already installed with your Myst IV as marked. Select further language packs to install or deselect already installed language packs to remove them. Now click on the button „Start Configuration“ to begin with the install. Take note of eventually upcoming messages and follow the instructions.

Starting Myst IV

This buttons allow you to start Myst IV directly from the ME Toolkit, what brings your earlier made settings to an immediate effect.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

:?: Why the tab „Myst IV (Language)“ don't show up for me?
:!: This tab only shows up, when the ME Toolkit finds a valid Myst IV install on your system. If you have installed Myst IV but the tab doesen't show, some entries in the registry might have been deleted. This happens sometimes by a reinstall, by restoring from an incomplete backup or is done by some regystry cleaning applications. The easiest way to fix the problem ist to reinstall Myst IV (don't forget to backup your saved games). Experienced users also might add the missing registry entries manually of course.

:?: What should I do, if I want to apply a patch to Myst IV?
:!: Start the ME Toolkit first and check if the language is selected that was the one you installed Myst IV with originally. If this isn't the case, choose the correct language, start Myst IV and immediately end it again. Now you can apply the patch without any problem.

:?: What should I do, if I want to completely remove Myst IV from my system
:!: Befor you start with the uninstall first start the ME Toolkit. Go to the configuration tab for the languages of Myst IV and deselect all language packs besides the one you originally installed Myst IV with. Start the configuration. If the original language should not be selected in the main window now, select it. Start Myst IV and right end it again. Now you can safely uninstall Myst IV.

:?: My system has two DVD drives, do I still need to swap DVD's during the configuration?
:!: No. Just put one of the Myst IV DVD's into each drive. The ME Toolkit will find them both automatically and installs the language packs without a change of DVD's.

:?: Why does the second Myst IV DVD show reading problems during the install of additional language packs?
:!: The second DVD of Myst IV is copy protected by C-Dilla Safedisc 3.2. This protection leads to reading problems by a lot of DVD drives, what means you will notice a lower reading speed or many starts and stops of drive spin. As the single language packs are stored in different parts of the DVD this copy protection affects the install of each language pack in a different way. If you should suffer a complete fail of the copy of a language pack, try to clean the disk because this copy protection leads to non correctable read errors on slightly soiled disks.

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