Extract Myst IV journals


In the brief manual you got with your Myst IV DVD's it was mentioned that you would be able to export the journals from the game. Unfortunately this function never made it into the game. The Myst Explorer's Toolkit now gives you an easy way to extract the notes and images from these journals.

Path of the saved games

Myst IV saves the journals inside its saved games. Here you can insert the path to the saved game out of which you want to extract the journal data. Click on the button to use a Windows file selector to choose the path.

Path for the extracted files

Choose here a directory where the extracted images and textnotes should be stored in. It is recommended to use an empty directory because existing files with the same names get overwritten during the extraction. Click on the button to use a Windows file selector to choose the path.

Formatting of the filenames for image-/textfiles

Because the images and textnotes in the journals don't have file names, the extracted files get continously numbered. You can choose here, how the automatically created filenames are formatted.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

:?: What file types the images and text notes get extracted to?
:!: Images are saved in the JPEG format (.jpg) as they are already of that type in the save games of Myst IV. Also this format is well supported by most of the applications and can easily be transformed to any other format by about any imaging software. Text notes get saved as simple text files (.txt) what allows you to easily use them eg. within a text editor or a website.

:?: Is it possible to show the notes in D'nee as well?
:!: If your goal is to replace the latin letters by D'nee letters you can do this by copying the text into a text editor and then choose there a D'nee font. Well even as the result may look like D'nee for a non savant, it will not make any sense. A one to one translation is not possible of course.

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