:?: Is it possible that the Until Uru Locator can alter or destroy any data on the shard caused by a bug or by concious manipulation?
:!: No. The Until Uru Locator only has reading access on the data that the interface provides in the HTTP area of the server. First of all, this means that the software isn't able to manipulate or delete data on the server because these action writing rights would have to be granted. Even more, the Until Uru Locator never reaches the region on the server, where the Until Uru Software and the database is located. By this concept, your server is twice protected against a possible manipulation and destruction of data.


:?: What kind of data can the Until Uru Locator read out of the UU-database?
:!: The Until Uru Locator doesn't read any data from the database at all. This is done by the interface you install on your shard and this interface reads only the data you told it to read. The specification of the standardized output format tiana4 only expects the KI-number, the avatar's name and the actual age of all the players with an online status. Due to the limitations of the tiana4 format it makes no sense to read further data from the database, as the Until Uru Locator would not be able to handle it.


Amount of data

:?: How much additional server-traffic will the Until Uru Locator cause?
:!: FIXME Actually, there are no secure figures yet how much additional traffic the Until Uru Locator will cause. Only the real use with a lot of users and a lot of participating shards will show this amount precisely. But several precautions have already been taken to keep this amount of data as small as possible. For further details on this topic read also the article about the Functionality of the Until Uru Locator.

:?: Am I able to check which traffic was caused specifically by the Until Uru Locator?
:!: Yes. The Until Uru Locator identifies itself as „Tiana/x.x.xx“ on the shard server. The x's represent the currently installed version by the user.

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