Internet settings

General Info

The Until Uru Locator doesn't need any special configurations of your internet settings. Only if you use a software firewall, under certain circumstances there have to be access rights granted. Read more about this in the part about firewall settings.

Users with a dial-up connections

If your connection to the internet needs a dial-up like an analog or ISDN modem, but also if you use a non-permanent DSL connection, please make sure that this connection is established before you start the Until Uru Locator. The software waits only 15 seconds for the connect and this may sometimes not be enough for a succesfull dial-up.

Firewall settings

With firewalls that only monitor the data traffic (like routers or gateways), there are normally no special settings to be made. With firewalls that also monitor the access of programms to the internet (like Software-Firewalls as Zone Alarm, Outpost, etc.) you have to register the Until Uru Locator as a client application (there is no need for server rights at any time). Most of the software firewalls will therefore show a message when the Until Uru Locator is started, that this application needs client access to the internet. Confirm such a message of your firewall with „Yes“, „Approved“ or similar.

  • Outgoing network traffic: Local Port > Port 80
  • Incoming network traffic: Port 80 > Local Port
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