Integrate own iconsets


If you are graphically skilled or have found interesting icons from other sources, you are able to import your own iconset as status icons into the UU Locator. If the following steps are considered, importing is quite easy.


Every iconset has to be a collection of three status icons. The icons have to be saved as bitmaps (.bmp) with a maximum color palette of 32 bits. The bitmaps need a white background; an alpha-channel is not supported. The size of the icons has to be 16 x 16 pixels.

Import of an iconset

Copy the three icons into the subdirectory „Icons“ in the folder where you installed the Until Uru Locator. Now you have to rename the icons as follows:

  1. The iconsets have to be consecutively numbered in the first three digits. All three icons must have the same number here. Use the next possible free number for your new icons. Attention: If you leave a gap here in the numbering, all iconsets with higher numbers will not be recognized anymore! So if the actual highest number is „007“, the names of the files of your new iconset have to begin with „008“. The biggest possible value here is „255“ btw.
  2. The rest of the icons names are derived from the different status names. So the icon for the Offline state will get „offline“, the one for the private state „private“ and the one for the public online state „public“ in its name.

If you have done all this correctly, you are then immediately able to choose your own iconset in the settings dialog of the Until Uru Locator.

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