The Untìl Uru Locator is an independent program which can be used to monitor online activity on Untìl Uru shards. The software detects online players only on those shards that have a compatible interface, it updates these player’s lists in regular intervals. The user is therefore able to get an overview of the current online activity of the shards included. Additionally, he can enter players into a cross shard buddy list. As soon as a buddy goes online on one of the shards, he gets notified optically and acoustically.

Significance for your shard

Exploring the Caverns is much more fun when doing it with others. Unfortunately, especially on the smaller Shards it’s possible that you run around with nobody really noticing you are online. On the other hand you might not notice yourself that a gathering is taking place on another shard at the moment. If you want to get an overview on the situation, you need to log onto shards separately, which takes very long, or you have to leave the game to access webpages with “Who’s online” lists, which can be tiresome. Because of the clearly laid out online lists and the buddy list feature, users of the Untìl Uru Locator can see at one glance who’s online and - even while they are in the game themselves - get notified of buddies going online. The UU Locator should therefore be able to increase online activity on compatible shards, because where one explorer is active, more might follow if they are informed about it in an easy way. And nothing is more frustrating to shard owners and players alike than empty shards.

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