The following paragraphs state the requirements your shard has to meet to be able to work successfully with the Untìl Uru Locator software.

Technical requirements

Untìl Uru server software

Naturally, your server has to run the Untìl Uru or the inoffical H'uru server software, or it would not be an UU shard.

HTTP server software

Furthermore, your server has to be running a HTTP server software (web server software). This is needed in order for the Untìl Uru Locator being able to communicate with your shard. We have decided to use this transmission protocol, because most shard servers are equipped with such software anyway. If you do not have HTTP server software running already, the widespread, free Apache server software is a cost-free possibility so install a web server on your server.

Feasibility of the interface

The shard server has to be able to read data out of the Untìl Uru server's data base that the Untìl Uru Locator requires and it has to be able to deposit that data in the HTTP-area of the server. In order to be able to do so, the server must either be able to execute programs directly on the server or provide interpreters for script languages like PHP.

Accessability requirements

Permanent server

Your shard should provide its services permanently, e.g. be accessible most of the time and be designed for long term operation. For example, shards installed for testing reasons on your home computer only for a few days or for a few hours each day are not suitable. The Untìl Uru Locator would constantly notify its users with error messages, because your shard would mostly be inaccessible or be inexistent already.

Public shard

Your shard should be publicly accessible. Those who set up a protected, private shard probably don’t want it to be displayed publicly who is online on their shard.

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