Installation of the interface

First, you have to install an interface for the Until Uru Locator on your shard server. For an easy start we provide you with some Ready-made interfaces. If you have the time and the abilities in any suitable programming language, you can create your own interface as well. The only „must“ is the standardized tiana4 output format which is described in detail in the article about the FIXME. If you have developped such an interface on your own, we would be glad, if you'd be willing to share it with the community, too. The interface has to be installed in the HTTP area of the shard server or, to be more specific, the output file of the interface has to be saved there. As soon as this is worked out, your shard server is prepared to communicate with the Until Uru Locator.


To find all the compatible shards, the Until Uru Locator checks an update file on my update server at every startup. To place your shard on this list, a registration is needed. Please use our online registration form and fill in the necessary informations about your shard. As I have to manually enter these informations into the shardlist, in some rare cases this might take a few days, I try do you it as quickly as possible. Once your server is included in the list of the compatible shards, every user of the UU Locator is able to query it.

Changing registration and unregistering

Together with your registration you get an unique ID for your shard and a personal password. Both of these items allow you at any time to alter some of the informations concerning your shard or even remove your shard completely from the list of compatible shards. Please use the editing form. If you should decide to remove your shard from the list of compatible shards I would be very much oblidged when, if it is not a case of absolute urgency, you would leave the interface active until you get a confirmation of the removal from me. Otherwise, all users will see constant error messages about an error on your shard.

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