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 +====== Remove buddies ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +Of course, you are also able to remove a player from your buddylist. Please note that this action deletes all related settings and data of the buddy in your personal Until Uru Locators database, information like his/her KI-numbers will be lost then.
 +===== Remove a buddy =====
 +First choose the [[en:​tiana:​userdoc:​display]] "Buddy List". Select the entry of the buddy
 +you want to remove. In the menu "​Buddy",​ click on the entry "​Remove"​. Alternatively,​ you can also press the Del-Key, when a buddy entry is selected.
 +For security reasons, the software now will ask you again if you really intend to remove the selected buddy from the buddylist. To confirm this, click on the "​Yes"​ button.
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